Treno a New York and back

Published February 14th, 2021

A short pamphlet of besotted lyrics, beautifully produced by Sinopia Libri in Venice. Traduzioni a fronte di Giorgia Sensi + una di Riccardo Held e una di Sara Bastianutto.

The sadness of animals

Published October 16th, 2012


The Sadness of Animals, my first full-length collection, is virtually a ‘Collected, with omissions’ – or, in the traditional formula, ‘all that I wish to preserve’ (though of course there are things that I have preserved elsewhere in the hope of getting them right one day). It contains 56 poems of which 22 have already appeared in my three previous pamphlets, which are reprinted in their entirety (bar Riccardo Held and Monica Pavani’s excellent Italian translations from the parallel text After Fra Angelico e altre poesie). All but two or three of the remaining 34 poems are new, that is to say written since Here’s to the Home Country (2010).


Istantanea di ippopotamo con banane

Published September 26th, 2019


Second full-length collection. 112pp, parallel text, English and Italian, including a 5pp introduction by Patrick McGuinness.