ANEW- AN EXHIBITION. Scripts and symbols of new beginnings from all over the world               A journey through new beginnings, what was undreamed of but is suddenly ‘forever’.

What do a boiled egg, a bicycle wheel, a shell and a statuette of Ganesh have in common? Or a tealeaf, a Carlo Scarpa sketch of a flight of stairs, a ticket to an exhibition in Zagreb, a Corriere della Sera from 1949?

They all represent key moments in a journey of the mind, objects that symbolise a moment in our lives when we crossed a threshold, a moment at which our lives can be seen to have taken a different direction, to have made, even, a new start.

The exhibition Anew, how it begins/come comincia - the brainchild of Manuela Cattaneo della Volta - assembles a cascade of such objects, donated by individuals who have shared their new beginnings with us: at 5, 12, 35 years old, at 60 or at 80; in Italy, India, Africa, the United States or Japan. It is not a question of age, or of geographical location: it has to do with recognising a moment, being able to seize it and take a leap - into the new. In this intermingling of stories we can also discover something of ourselves, and of a magical actuality unfolding alongside us. As we await our own epiphanies, or perhaps remember when we had a similar experience ourselves.

Because it can happen to everyone, at any moment, in any situation, at any age: it could happen to us. A decision to change a line of work, move elsewhere, to leave a relationship love has already left, to respond to the siren-call of a novel adventure, to defy family expectations with a choice of career, to fall in love anew. Has that happened to you? Were you alert to the opportunity?

The first show, in three instalments through May and June 2017, at the Gallertia ARTIsm in Venice, is now over. But Anew plans to move on to other cities, other countries (with new stories and new objects). Check out for updates.